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Dare Drums: Gallery


students get to play quality professional gear
lending library of thousands of books, cd's, dvd's and articles
all students learn the language of music - not just drums
lessons utilize interactive technology
parents can relax - and observe, in the waiting area


hey - you're never too young (or old) to drum!
at a teacher's seminar with Vic Firth (2009)
Demonstrating the Moeller stroke (2007)
some one-on-one during a clinic
Instructing the Purple Lancers Drumline (2008)
answering students' questions at a clinic (2008)


Jammin' @ Burritt's (2009)
with Anne Adessa (2008)
"locking-in" with Mike Solazzo (2008)
w/ the Jitterz (2007)
Laying it down for "Bill & Hill" (2001)

from the archives

Two things I miss: that Ride Cymbal ... and Hair(1985)
Me with Stan Kenton (1978)
w/Tom Hilliker, Tom Davis & Marty Fitzgerald (1977)
Bobby D.
Dad's Gretsch Kit - w/Hal Baker
my grandfather - Harold Dare