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Dare Drums: Teaching

Learning Programs Offered

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Private Lessons

Weekly one-on-one lessons to students of all levels, beginner to advanced. You choose either 1/2 hour or 1 hour durations. I will tailor the curriculum to meet your objectives and level of proficiency.



1/2 hour lessons $90 per month

1 hour lessons $165 per month 



Semi-Private Lessons

Weekly 1/2 hour lessons with other drum students of similar playing levels.


$50 per month


Group/Ensemble Lessons

Learn while making music with other musicians (age/level appropriate). Weekly one hour sessions.


$40 per month

"4 in 1" lessons - (June, July & August only)

Monthly two hour lessons designed to fit students' summer schedules. Lessons emphasize music theory, listening and analysis.


same as above 1/2 hour rates

13 Hour Courses

13 one-hour classes, meeting twice per week. No past musical training is required. You will receive a CD full of listening examples each week.  Courses include:

Essential Jazz Listening & Appreciation

Great Drummers of the 20th Century

Tuition: $165